• Surf-D Surface Diffusion with Arbitrary Topologies

    High-Quality Surface Generation for Arbitrary Topologies using Diffusion Models.
    Follow our new technique.

  • Wonder3D: Cross-domain Diffusion Bridges 2D and 3D

    Wonder3D produces consistent multi-view normal maps and correpsonding color images, and thus reconstructs high-fidelity textured mesh from a single image in only 2~3 minutes..

  • SyncDreamer

    SyncDreamer is able to directly generate multiview consistent images, which allows 3D reconstruction by NeuS or NeRF without SDS loss.

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We live in a 3D reality where the boundary between the virtual and the real world is becoming increasingly blurred. Our goal is to research innovative 3D AI technologies with the ultimate aim of enabling everyone to effortlessly create high-quality 3D digital content and forge their own virtual worlds.

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AnySyn3D is a non-commercial, non-profit research interest group comprising individuals with a strong interest in exploring research problems and cutting-edge technologies in 3D AIGC.

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@frankzydou Introducing 🚀Surf-D🚀, a novel method for generating high-quality 3D shapes as Surfaces with arbitrary topologies using Diffusion models. 29 November 2023

@AK introduce Wonder3D, a novel method for efficiently generating high-fidelity textured meshes from single-view images.Recent methods based on Score Distillation Sampling (SDS) have shown… 26 October 2023

@Yuan Liu Very happy to share our SIGGRAPH 2023 work "NeRO: Neural Geometry and BRDF Reconstruction of Reflective Objects from Multiview Images". 1 June 2023


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